Over my life time I have discovered that focusing on a goal or occupation has always been a difficulty for me. I think of myself as a problem solver in a very artistic sense. It does not matter if the problem is creating a piece of art, music, writing, building a house or training a horse. It is the discovery, opening up the mind and learning the subject with a willingness to throw my whole self at the challenge that to me is an eclectic mind.

Since a young boy I have always been involved in music, art and writing. But, the lure of nature, animals and the world at large has always played an important part in the development of these skills. It took many years until I truly realized what an artist was and that they were more then the sum of their production. To me an artist is anyone in any field who truly loves what he or she is doing to the point that it becomes them; their very soul. Also this artistic talent can run through every aspect of their lives making them a truly eclectic human being, open to the flow of information no matter what the source.

I hope to make this Site a jumping off point to my eclectic personality and also a place to share some thoughts. You can also follow me on facebook.


5 responses to “Home

  1. Are you the same Winthrop who once made up the brochure for the Clark Hotel in downtown L.A. back in 87 or 88 as well as assisted on some other projects…? If so, I came across your business card today for LA-717 🙂 This is Paolo Vinci…former GM of that hotel and good to see you’ve pursued your multiple talents 🙂


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