Italian Casserole

Food is one of the subjects that I enjoy the most. It is not an easy thing to make it look great. I will many times do the cooking and preparation as well as styling myself. Also I put my garden photos in this category too.

American Goldfinch

My nature photography includes animals, landscapes and plants. I many times have people interacting with these things. To me humans are part of the natural world. It is only when they are in their man made environments that they seem so unnatural.

People are a part of every photographers reportage and for me it is no different. I have portrait and commercial pieces.  dance is one of the things I like the most. Over the last ten WomanWarrior02years people have not held my attention as much because I have so little contact with them, as a photographer, living off the grid.

The art of photography covers so much more than equipment and jargon of the trade. It is seeing and most important it is light. Also timing and balance, or lack there of, play such an important part.


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